ADPA Full-time Professional Membership

ADPA Membership is open to full-time professionals only. A website portfolio and two client references are required. You'll be asked to list the name & email address or telephone number of two individuals who know the quality of your work. Membership is granted after review of your website portfolio and verification of your client references.

Membership includes direct links to your own personal email and website. The ADPA Directory is recognized by aerial photography buyers as the most trusted resource for finding qualified aerial drone photographers. Photography buyers book assignments directly with you through your own personal website–not through the ADPA. The ADPA does not collect a commission or charge a fee for the assignments you receive as a result of your listings.

• ADPA Members pledge to adhere to the ADPA Code of Ethics:

1. Maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity, and be above reproach in all professional business practices.
2. Maintain an atmosphere of fairness and cooperation with other photographers.
3. Foster an attitude of mutual benefit between client and photographer in all negotiations, contracts and transactions.
4. Never misrepresent one's own qualifications, capabilities or reputation or impune the reputation of a competitor.
5. Never conspire with photographers to artificially inflate fees, fix prices or otherwise engage in any illegal or unethical business practices.
6. Maintain accepted legal and professional business practices such as utilizing written contracts in all assignments and projects.
7. Seek to uphold and fulfill all professional contracts, obligations, commitments and expectations.
8. Maintain a level of trust, confidentiality and proprietary respect with clients in all projects and assignments.
9. Maintain a high level of honesty and responsibility towards employees, contractors and suppliers, and always honor one's own financial obligations.
10. Decline any assignment that would compromise full compliance with any tenant of this ADPA Code of Ethics.


I am an FAA Certified Remote Pilot
I employ an FAA Certified Remote Pilot
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